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Using a knowledge graph without reasoning is like having an inviting cake and leave it there to admire it: aesthetically fascinating but a waste of yummy ingredients and, in the long run, pointless!

Reasoning enables the ‘knowledge part’ of a knowledge graph which, without it, can be viewed more like a database than a knowledge model.

Here’s the difference in a nutshell.

While a relational database has its central point in modeling reality with relations, storing into tables, and querying in SQL a domain of interest, a knowledge graph is more about graph-like data (but not only data as in…


It’s time for Artificial Intelligence to successfully disrupt money laundering

Some very bad guys — Image by Author.

Money laundering is a significant threat to the good functioning of financial systems. Yet there are still little measurable signs of progress in countering money laundering.

AML legislation showed to be the least effective of any anti-crime measure. Law enforcement, policymakers, and the media can get so distracted by the immediacy of criminal behavior that it is easy to forget the aim of these illegal activities is not the crime itself, but the proceeds of crime. In this, total failure for AML enforcement is behind the corner. And this failure has a dramatic impact [3].

Recently, we are assisting a…

Well written! Very interesting article!

Take a look at Markov Logic Networks here:

I would like to know what you think about these PGMs :-)


The best statistical thinking model?

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We are running through a tough evolution road.

Many of us hope and strive for artificial intelligence in which the word intelligence is more relevant than the word artificial. Many steps forward have been taken. Many shortcomings still have to be addressed.

Along this way, one of the more exciting models are the Markov Logic Networks (MLN) that want to bridge the gap between two very powerful branches of reasoning on reality — logic and statistics — and ensuring that the result will be an even more powerful and effective reasoning technique.


There are many ways to create models able…

So, what happens now?

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Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold.

A huge amount of wealth globally produced is only the proceeds of major criminal activity. Didn’t you know? Did know it!

And worst of all, it is reinvested in seemingly legit activities and in this way, laundered. So, we feel more proud of our advanced and productive economies.

If we had to choose a collective endeavor to fight crime globally, that would be an effective Financial Intelligence, the specialty in charge of anti-money laundering. Because money laundering is the oxygen to serious crime and financial intelligence is the rope around its neck.


Fin & Tech

How agile frameworks should adapt to the change

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“Software development is a game of insight, and insight comes to the prepared, rested relaxed mind.”

Kent Beck

I couldn't agree more with Kent Beck. Prepared of course… Rested! Relaxed! Not during the first wave, the second wave, or during a whatever wave and all the time in the middle of a pandemic. And let’s be clear, especially if you are a woman.


I don’t want to talk about SARS-COV2 here. It’s the new normal. The next normal. Whatever you want. Anyway, it is a matter of fact. …


Surviving without business processes.

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Every year top business vendors flood their customers with tens of whitepapers/brochures/reports of processes/overviews/case studies/business cases/ of what they pretend to know better than them about their specific industries. And sometimes they risk to be right…

They magnanimously share all kinds of trend analysis, segment forecasts, and systematic and detailed assessments by product, industry, and end-user.

The only industry outwardly left out of this deluge of gifts is the Anti-money Laundering (AML) industry.

One year ago, Bloomberg citing a report from Grand View Research provided an outlook on the overall market size of the AML industry, worth 1.99 Billion USD…


What is the business of Financial Intelligence and why should you care?

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When we think about Intelligence people, we daydream about charming secret agents with crazy secret weapons fighting dangerous criminals with the allure of the villain of a graphic novel. Well, there is at least a subset of Intelligence that is far away from this cliché: Financial Intelligence.

Let’s just say that rather than thinking about Aston Martin and Riviera, we could think more of a kind of financial nerd with the abacus in one hand and a balance sheet in the other. And trust me, this image should…


How you can help fight organized crime using AI

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Serious crime is motivated by profit, and no matter the size, most criminal acts leave a financial trail. Financial Intelligence is the process of gathering information about criminals that seek to exploit vulnerabilities within the financial sector to disguise illicit funds.

Here we are not talking about some random Ponzi Scheme or how to spend the swag of the robbery of Ocean’s Eleven. It is not so fun or glamorous. Here, we are talking about destroyed lives. …

Eleonora Laurenza

Researcher in Artificial Intelligence · Ph.D. · Fulbrighter · Digital Manager @ Financial Intelligence Unit for Italy · I adhere to the triple bottom line!

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